AFF Training Program

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AFF training program provides an amazing opportunity to

Train jumps in real conditions

Use a special parachute system with automatic opening

AFF training program main advantages are

You are accompanied by two instructors: one of them remains on the ground, the second stays by you in the sky

This reduces all risks to a minimum, allowing you to feel comfortable, but also helps to make prevent making mistakes and learn quickly and effectively

What's so special about the AFF training program

You'll jump from 4000 metres height and experience 1 minute free fall

During training, you'll work out all the maneuvers, discuss technical nuances and consolidate all your skills

At least 16 jumps should be performed to master the AFF system, but the number of jumps depends on your desire and achievements

Are you interested?

Then we reveal secrets of 7 levels AFF program

    Level 1
  • Includes preparation on the ground, where you'll learn theory, practice on simulators, get yourself ready for a jump

  • A tandem jump with an instructor and jump with two AFF instructors

  • You will learn how to open the parachute on your own yourself and land safely

  • One of the instructors operates the process from the ground through radio communiation (your helmet is equipped with a sensor)

    Level 2
  • Another jump with two instructors

  • Practice free fall skills

    Level 3
  • Includes your first independent jump with a parachute

  • here instructors give you a controlled freedom of action

  • They observe how you learned to control your body under the air stream

Levels 1-3 deal with gaining knowledge and skills

  • You will fully master the skills of free fall,

  • You will be able to leave the plane properly,

  • You will know how to control your body in free fall and fix the correct posture

  • You will learn how to use different instruments, open the parachute at a clearly defined altitude

  • You will be landing safely, following instructors' advice

  • Only after all the skills are completely fixed and honed you can move on the next level of training

    Level 4
  • You'll jump with an instructor

  • You'll learn to turn in the air to the right, left and forward

  • You'll practice landing in 50 metres from a given point

    Level 5
  • You'll perform 360-degree revolutions

  • You'll be controling the position of the body during turnovers

    level 6
  • You'll practise leaving plane or helicopter on your own

  • You'll train to do a back somersault

  • You'll learn how to land in 25 metres from the indicated landmark

    Level 7
  • You'll prepare yourself for the jump on your own and perform all the necessary movements

  • You'll find out how to separate from the aircraft competently and make a jump

  • You will be performing a front somersault and other maneuvers

  • You'll practise controling the dome of the parachute, pilot it in the air

  • Independent safe landing won't be a problem for you anymore

Levels 4-7 deal with training independent jumps and practising movements in the air

  • Mastery of maneuvers and technical subtleties of jumps

  • Preparation of equipment and parachute on your own

  • Compliance with the rules of conduct at the aerodrome and take-off line

  • Uncontrolled fall prevention

  • The ability to stabilize the position of the body in flight in any situation

  • Independent landing at the agreed place

Заказать обучение по программе AFF

Вы покорите небо и станете уверенным парашютистом после прохождения 7 -ми уровней обучения

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Level 8 (obtaining a license)

To get a license, you should perform

  • At least 4 jumps with the instructor

  • No less than 4 independent jumps

  • A jump from 1500 metres height

    The instructor helps to practisee the paired jumps skills:
  • To fall at the same height - a\"single horizon\" fall

  • Approach each other at a safe speed

  • Keep right distance

  • Move away from each other safely

    During the independent jumps, we practise:
  • All applied skills

After passing this stage, you are sure to be called a true parachutist and perform independent jumps!

Prices on АФФ обучение

Полный обучающий курс по скайдавингу. Оплата осуществляется поэтапно. В стоимость входит аренда всего снаряжения и укладка парашюта


АФФ классика­­ (полный  курс)


(поэтапная оплата)
  • Курс теории на протяжении всей программы 
  • Аренда всего снаряжения
  • Страховка
  • 8 прыжков
  • Видео сьемка всех прыжков
  • 15 минут полетов в аэротрубе




АФФ с фото и­­ видеосьемкой


  • Включает полный курс "АФФ классика"
  • Вас постоянно сопровождает и снимает фото- и видео оператор

Заказать обучение по программе AFF

Вы покорите небо и станете уверенным парашютистом после прохождения 7 -ми уровней обучения

заказать обучение